Isle of Gran Canaria

Windsurfing Gran Canaria

Along the coast of Gran Canaria you find a nearly constantly blowing wind. That means that windsurfing is possible during the whole year. The situation of the isle in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean is an ideal condition to practice windsurfing.

Gran Canaria offers a total of 21 surfspots for beginners and andvanced windsurfers. The isle of Gran Canaria is very famous in the surfer scene and became an important place for championships and masterships in different disciplines in windsurfing. On Gran Canaria different masterships and other competitions are draged out.

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Windsurfing Gran Canaria
Windsurfing in Gran Canaria

One of the most famous windsurfing spots is Pozo Izquierdo in the municipy of Santa Lucia de Tirajana. This beach is one of the very stormy ones! The wind is blowing from the left direction and the waves normally are 1 m high but under stormy conditions they can reach up to 3 m and more. This windsurfspot is adequate for windsurfers with a certain level and experience. The beach Pozo Izquierdo permits advanced surfers to practice jumps and daring feats.

Another famous windsurf beach is the beach of Playa del Ingles. Here also find place different competitions and masterships.

Other windsurfspots on Gran Canaria are Bahí­a Feliz, Ojos de Garza, Playa del Águila, San Augustí­n and Puerto Rico.

Round the spots you find a good infrastructure and windsurfing schools, which offer boards and accesory for rent. Furthermore the windsurfing schools offer courses and lessons in windsurfing for beginners and advanced windsurfers.

During your holiday on Gran Canaria you can learn windsurfing and enjoy a huge variety of windsurfing spots.

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• Accommodation for windsurfers on Gran Canaria

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