Isle of Gran Canaria

Big Fiesta on San Juan

San Juan Bonfire

Don’t get alarmed, if you are on holiday on Gran Canaria in June, if the entire island seems to be submerged in chaos with bonfires everywhere. We are neither under attack nor have been hit by a meteor shower.

I higly recomend you, wherever you are on the isle, but specially those near to the Playa del Ingles (San Bartolomé) and the Canteras Beach (Las Palmas) to visit these beaches around 12:00 PM.

Like every year in june, normally coinciding with days around the summer solstice, the night of the 23rd to 24th, the canarian celebrate “San Juan”. In this peculiar festivity there is a large fireworks spectacle and people make huge bonfires almost everywhere but the biggest are seen at the beaches. This was originally made to “strengthen the sun”, since the days will get shorter every day until the winter solstice.

You should witness this festivity, it is very spectacular.

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