Isle of Gran Canaria

Sailing Gran Canaria

Sailing, a wonderful activity in your gran canaria holiday

Gran Canaria offers some unique sailing opportunities for anyone who enjoys the ocean and wants to see the island from a truly different perspective.

You can pick from anything really – sailboat or catamaran are the most usual posibilities. The many harbors and marinas along the island offer something for anybodys taste.

Excursions for a whole day are a popular break from relaxing on the beach and you can choose to either explore the waters close to the island and get some spectacular views, or go out further and really get your feet wet in the clear, blue ocean.

Atlantic Rally of Cruising, Gran Canaria

One of the most popular cruises are trips to watch dolphins. The boats are usually equipped with binoculars for early spotting of these majestic animals.

Few other places in Europe offer such a unique opportunity and you’re always welcome to go snorkeling or diving and explore the mysteries of the sea.

Dinner cruises are a personal favorite as there is almost nothing that compares to seeing a beautiful sunset when you’re out on the ocean. Throw in good music and a wonderful meal and you truly have a perfect evening.


Pictures of the Atlantic Rally of Cruisers

The ARC is an annual event for sailors. Every year over 200 boats and 1200 people are crossing the atlantic ocean. 2700 NM sailing across the Atlantic from Gran Canaria to Saint Lucia.

Perfect weather conditions for the rally start – so should it be.
Here are some pictures I took 2006, click on them to enlarge them.

Atlantic Rally of Cruisers

Atlantic Sailing Rally Gran Canaria

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