Isle of Gran Canaria

Radio Beach Party in Gran Canaria

Listen to the unic and diversified Radiostation “Radio Beach Party” who is placed in Playa del ingles. A beautiful destination in Gran Canaria where not only the beach is beautiful place to relax. Also the terrific landscape and the diversity in culture is worth the travel. Gran Canaria, just a stone throw from europe, is the ideal place to enjoy the holidays. It offers a lot of different beaches that attracts travellers from all over the globe. Gran Canaria decreed a coastline that is 236 km long. At example there are the long stretch of sands at Maspalomas, the beautiful golden yellow sands from Playa del Ingles and the awesome dune desert on the southern tip of the island.

Beach Party

Gran Canaria has a unic geological texture. Thats why the UNESCO awarded the island the “Biosphere Reserve Label” to secure and support the microcosm of the different habitats and the special Macaronesian flora.

Gran Canaria is a global meetingpoint of people from thousand different nationalities. You can travel there for countless Occasions. Visitors can enjoy a walk between narrow streets and moony, deserted villas or explore the versatile land site. The noisy and typical hispanic atmosphere can be enjoyed on hundreds of markets. There are a billion sensations of scents, flavours and colors visitors can merge in. Worth mentioning are also the art and craft of the native culture in Gran Canaria and the distinct Festivalculture of various cities and towns.


So what should a visitor do when hes exhausting from exploring the versatile and beautiful Island of Gran Canaria? Radio Beach Party is the perfect way to relax. On this Webstation -Radio you can listen to a vibrant mix of pop and dance music. It plays also the classic hit music everyone enjoys listen to.

Visit and love Gran Canaria.

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