Isle of Gran Canaria

Fly in Canarias – Paragliding

On Gran Canaria you can practice lots of different sports, such as paragliding. The canary isle of Gran Canaria is a real paradise for paraglider pilots.

You can book whole packages including paragliding courses, flights, excursions and much more. Fly in Canarias will organise everything for you, so you can spend a comfortable holiday.

With Fly in Canarias you can make unique experience in paragliding on Gran Canaria. Tandem flights, videos and fotos while you are paragliding and different kinds of paragliding courses are offered.

Here you can get information about different flying experience from cross to acro, for beginners and experts. As the weather on Gran Canaria is very mild, you can fly round about 300 days a year.

Fly in Canarias offers different budgets and dates, so we are sure you can find something adequate for your holiday on the Canary isle. If you are interessted in booking a flight or a paragliding course, you can call Fly in Canarias or book directly online on their homepage.

The flights and excursions depend on wind conditions and Fly in Canarias will find the best spots for you and your level of knowledge and experience.

The isle of Gran Canaria offers so many possibilities for paragliding pilots and you have the choice if you want to enjoy longer flights or you want to practice maneuvers, have fun doing cross country or fly along the coast and enjoy the marvellous view over the Atlantic Ocean.

On Gran Canaria you can do paragliding at the beach, at the coast, along huge cliffs and much more. The sun is shining nearly all over the year and the people on this island are really kind. Dining outside is not as expensive as in other countries and the food is a real experience. Fresh sea food and canarian specialities will acompany you on your paragliding holiday on Gran Canaria.

Fly in Canarias offers different kinds of courses for beginners, advanced level and experts. For example you can book an Elemementary Pilot course, a Club Pilote course, Progression course and more. All courses include insurance and you can book them with or without equipment.

If you are interessted in making a paragliding holiday on Gran Canaria, you should visit the homepage of Fly in Canarias. Here you can get more detailed information about paragliding on Gran Canaria:

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