Isle of Gran Canaria

Discovering Gran Canaria

On the isle of Gran Canaria you can choose beteween a huge offer of excursions, trips and leisure time activities.

Gran Canaria ist adequate for activity holidays and sports.

Today we have two tips for ventures and leisure time activities on Gran Canaria.

In the range you find a trip to Las Palmas, on wich you can discover the capitol of Gran Canaria, with its famous quarter of La Vegueta full of shops and sights. For those who are interested in the history of Gran Canaria, we recomment the Ancient History Tour, starting in Guadedeque, where you can view some caves from the aborigines of Gran Canaria. This half day trip guides you to different viewpoints and characteristic places of the isle. Another excursion offered, ist the Gran Premium Tour. During this day trip you can view the giant pine of Teror (Pino de Teror) and visit other, interesting villages on Gran Canaria.

On the webpage you can book day trips and half day trips on the island as well as boat trips on the Atlantic Ocean.

One of the most favorite trips for a holiday is a sport fishing boat trip. Therefore you find at your disposal a modern boat with space for up to six sport fishers. This boat is called Blue Marlin 3 and it is as well available for a private charter. You have the possibility to join a trip on the Blue Marlin 3 without being a sport fisher. A boat trip with Blue Marlin 3 can be a spectacular holiday experience and you can be witness of great fishing.

If you would like to know more about sport fishing trips on Blue Marlin 3 ahead the costs of Gran Canaria, you can join the website below: Blue Marlin 3

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