Isle of Gran Canaria

Deep sea fishing on Gran Canaria

Because af the abundance of different kinds of fishes along the coast of Gran Canaria one of the most famous sports here ist deep sea fisching. Lots of locals and tourists enjoy many hours by fishing directly on the coast or with an adventurous deep sea fishing trip.

The best months for deep water fishing are between May and November, but even during the rest of the year deep water fishing on Gran Canaria is possible. The most frecuent angled fishes are tuna or bonito, barracuda, marlin and sword fish. These examples can reach an impressionating weight and a huge size. It is very important that the angling rod and all the accessories are specially made for deep water fishing to resist this enormous forces. To take such a huge catch on bord of the boat you need a lot of force and endurance. A sword fish can reach a velocity of 90 km/h, which can be an enormouse energy to resist for the angling rod.

Who does not really know a lot about deep water fishing shall join such a trip only in companionship of a well experienced fisher man or a professional deep water fishing crew.

The government of the Canary Isles established some rules about the minimum size and species of the fishes, which can be angled. The rules are to protect some species in danger of extinction. If you practice deep water fishing you shall be well informed about those rules because the sea guards are realizing strenght controls. For non accordingly deep water fishing the coast and sea guards can punish you with a total of between 60 and 20.0000 €.

On Gran Canaria some agencies and professional deep water fishing organize deep sea fishing tripis for tourists and visitors.

Ahead the coast of Gran Canaria international records of deep water fishing have been realized. The records have been recognized by the IGFA (International Game Fishing Association). Deep water fishing ahead the coast of Gran Canaria is a very special experience during a holiday on the Canary Isle. Most deep water fishing trips are organized in Maspalomas in the south and La Aldea de San Nicolas in the Northwest of Gran Canaria.

If you are interested in enjoying a deep water fishing trip you can rent a room in one of the hotels or book a holiday apartment or a cottage near the marinas of Gran Canaria.

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