Isle of Gran Canaria

Aqualand Maspalomas

Situated at a tropical oasis in the southern part of the isle “Aqualand“ is not far away from Maspalomas and is open to the public all- season because of its advantageous constantly warm temperatures.

Aqualand Maspalomas

You like hanging around the pool all day long getting toasted by the sun?

Sick of carrying home 2 buckets of beach sand? Got kids and tired of them brabbling all day long. Maybe this can help:

Aqualand Maspalomas, forme called Aqua Sur, Gran Canarias‘ biggest water-slide park is near you.

Aqualand has 13 attractions and all in all 33 slides, as well as several pools, souvenir-shops and a cafeteria within a surface of 90.000m².
An amazing attraction is the famous “Tornado“, a closed flume entertaining visitors by presenting light- and sound effects while sliding. Furthermore there are tourist features like the “Mamut“ for four persons, the “Crazy Race“ with nine parallel water slides, a “mini park“ for kid, the two “Kamikaze“ slides (meaning high speed), “Rapids“ as special rafting adventures as well as “Aquamania“, “Congo River“ and a swimming pool with artificial waves for relaxing.

Thanks to our splendid weather the park opens daily (except in case of bad weather conditions) from 10:00 to 17:00.

Adults pay about 22,50€ and kids pay 16,00€ and it’s situated on the road to “Palmitos Park” km 3.

How to get there? Without renting a hire car the amusement park is approachable by using public transport. So there are two bus routes, one of them line 45 (Playa del Ingles / San Agustin) and the other one line 70 (Puerto Rico / Faro Maspalomas).

Try it!! You and your kids will enjoy it.

For some who knew Aqua Sur & Ocean Park

Originally there were two amusement parks focussing on water fun at Gran Canaria:
the so called “AquaSur“ as well as the “Ocean Park“. The last one was located at mid Maspalomas, but it is out of order nowadays.

The “Aquasur“ finally turned into “Aqualand“ in the course of the years and makes the largest leisure park of the isle by now. Covering a surface area of about 90.000 square metres this theme park aims at offering a great amount of water- based attractions such as for example more than 30 water slides. There is a certain area addressing at children which also contains a great variety of the park’s mascot, the “Aqualand“-ape.

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