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Almond Tree Fest

Every year, more or less the first or second week of february, one of the most picturesque, atractive and traditional fests of Gran Canaria takes place in Tejeda and in Valsequillo the week after.

When the almond tree flowers sprout, announcing the beginning of spring-time, the center of the island, where these trees grow, turns into one of the most beautiful landscapes you could possibly imagine.

Have a look at some pictures of it in Tejeda:

Almond Tree Fest Almond Tree Fest Almond Tree Fest Almond Tree Fest Almond Tree Fest Almond Tree Fest

Thanks to Jose and his sister for the pics.


Almond Association of Gran Canaria

Around 50 people, between farmers and “finca” propietors have started this initiative in order to promote the culturing of this tree. It’s ment to define different varieties of this species, look for one which is better for general production purposes and eventually breed new species. They’re also in charge of establishing other ways of marketing this product, since almonds have been a very important procduct in the last decades.

The municipalities taking part in this association are mainly Tejeda and Valsequillo, but other colindant areas dedicated to this trees’ culturing.

That is a good initiative. My “tip of the hat” for these people.

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