Isle of Gran Canaria

Climate and Weather on Gran Canaria

Always Sunshine on the island of Gran Canaria

Climate and weather on Gran Canaria, why it is worth visiting?
Travellers from Northern European countries are bound to flock to the South these days following the birds' example.

This is not surprising because in order to escape our nasty and cold climate one should opt for somewhere safe and sunny. "Safe" in this context means that tourists are not to expect many weather-related surprises when visiting a holiday destination.


The Canaries (canary islands) are a time-honoured destination, for sure.

For decades now they have been popular with both short-term travellers and people hibernating on the islands.

What is so special about these islands and in particular the most popular of these, Gran Canaria?

It is definitely the "joy of life" you will find there, a friendly and relaxed population, but in particular it is the above mentioned guarantee of being able to enjoy the sun.

A striking 300 days of sunshine per year are noted on average, and even on days when the sun does not come out it is warm and agreeable.

So if you simply want a warm place to stay instead of putting on layers of clothes, or else if your bones react sensitively to the Northern climate this is your place!

Even in the summer it is agreeably warm, not too hot as there is a constant wind blowing, which is, however, for the most part not too strong.

The North Sea climate can be tougher!

So, in order to get away from our rainy climate and unpredictable conditions one should opt for Gran Canaria.


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