Isle of Gran Canaria

Vega de San Mateo, Gran Canaria

Holidays & Vacation in San Mateo

Vega de San Mateo map Vega de San Mateo is situated in the center part of the island.

It is a very fertile municipality thanks to its ideal height of 850m above the sea level. Therefore it is very known for its agricultural activity.

This leads to be the town with one of the best markets on Gran Canaria, held on weekends.

Beside the weekly market, the amateur observatory of "Montaña Cabreja" is worth a trip to visit it.

If you're interested in tradition and culture, you should consider to visit the museum of traditional goods, tools and furniture of "Cho-Zacarías".


Pedlars market on Gran Canaria

The truckers sell their products: every kind of vegetables, fruits, healing plants, flowers, etc.

Best of all their specialities is "chorizo del teror " which is a very hot paprika sausage from the city of Teror.