Isle of Gran Canaria

Vacations on Gran Canaria

Spend your vacations on the island of Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is one of the best known of the Canary Islands and a true classic among holiday destinations.

Classified as a biosphere reserve by UNESCO, the island offers a great variety of landscapes, just waiting to be explored. Gran Canaria is sometimes described as a miniature continent due to its many different landscapes and climate zones.

Most tourists prefer the southern part of the island, where +the famous beach resorts are to be found. Here, the climate is warm and sunny compared to the north that tends to be slightly rougher and more rainy.

The well known beaches, such as Playa del Ingles attract a great number of visitors every year and can be rather crowded at times, but their fine quality makes them worth while.

The resort of Maspalomas offer dunes similar to a Saharian desert landscape and excelent sport opportunities like golf and tennis, as well as other leisure activities.

The centre of the island is dominated by the impressive volcano "Pico del Pozo de las Nieves" that adds a dramatic touch to the beauty of this island. The central region is excellent for active sports like hiking, trekking and mountaineering. Also trips on horse or even camels are offered and are an alternative way to explore the beauties of Gran Canaria.

The capital of the island, Las Palmas is an elegant and lively city with restaurants, a vibrant night life with a great number of discoteques, museums and a beautiful and well kept beach.