Isle of Gran Canaria

Travel to Gran Canaria

It´s really worth to take a travel to the island of Gran Canaria

With the boom of the 60's the tourism finally became a main source of income of the island and Gran Canaria became one of the most popular tourist destinations of the world.

The tourism concerns mainly beach, water sport, nightlife and amusement parks on Gran Canaria particularly in the south of the island.

You also find the tallest water and topic parks, shopping centres and discos and it is the south of the island which is blessed with most hours of sunshine.

The masses of tourists primarily come because of the attractive sand beaches, of which Gran Canaria can offer lots!

The Canary tourism has developed from less than 100 visitors in the year toward the end of the 19th century to 11 million into the beginning of the new millennium every year!

Gran Canaria has an enormous natural wealth, the numerous qualitatively charming beaches, which consist for the most part of bright yellow coloured sand and are unique, are one of the main attractions of the island

Almost 60 kilometers of the altogether 236 kilometers of the long coast Gran Canaria are up to the encourage the visitor to take a bath in the cool ocean and enjoy the sunshine.

The beach of Maspalomas which shows about 250 hectares of dunes along the sea drives us to the deeply hidden and virginly appearing beach Güigüi.

Another beach with many positive features and facilities is Playa de las Canteras, situated right beside the capital Las Palmas.

The mild climate and the pleasant water temperature (between 18 ° in the winter months and 22 degrees in the other year) makes a year-round enjoyment of the beaches possible.