Isle of Gran Canaria

Santa Maria de Guia, Gran Canaria

Santa María de Guía is a very popular and known municipality.

Santa María map It is adjacent to "Galdar" on the south and west and to "Moya" on the east. It still bases its economy mainly on agriculture. The friendly and poetic little city still keep up long lasting traditions of handmade goods. It is very famous for the "canarian knives", which are still used by almost every farmer on this island, and for the so called "flower cheese", the "queso de flor" curdled and cured in a particular way typical for this municipality.

The places worth to visit here are the several viewpoints with amazing views over vast extensions of land. One particularly spectacular is the on situated by the north motorway next to the highest bridge of the island, the "Puente de Silva" with 125 meters of height. The "Cenobio de Valerón" is an archeological site of 200 - 300 caves, dug into the terrain by the native canarian aborigines, which is also highly recomendable to visit.