Isle of Gran Canaria

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Holidays on Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria, an agreeable island to visit

Vacation on  the Canary Islands are beautiful for people in every age. Especially the Island of Gran Canaria is one of the most beautiful canarian islands.

The climate of Gran Canaria is very hot in summer and not too cold in winter, so it is appropriate for holidays all over the year


Holiday on the Beach on Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria, the third-largest island of the canary archipelago, offers 236 km of coast with marvellous sandy beaches, which are situated predominantly in the south and southeast. Some very well known beaches are in Playa del Inglés and Maspalomas with their impressive dunes.
The beaches of Gran Canaria are normally sandy and there are good waves for Surfers on the Atlantic Ocean.

Wonderflug beach in Anfi at the coast of Mogán

About Gran Canaria

Here are some facts about the island. Gran Canaria is one of the bigger canarian islands, which are left to the African Continent in the Atlantic Ocean.

Some people do say "Cran Canaria" instead of "Gran Canaria", but this isn't proper.


Shopping on Gran Canaria

Shopping is another thing you can do on the island of Gran Canaria. There are many shopping centres in the south of the island. There you can find the tourist stations Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles, where you can also find the most hotels on the island.


Party on Gran Canaria

These places are very attractive for young people because of the very good nightlife in Playa del Ingles. There are many discos where you can dance and drink all the night. Most of them have happy hour all the time.

If you want to have a juicy cocktail, you can also have it on the beach in a very romantic atmosphere.

Gran Canaria is an island to make holidays also for homosexuals. In Maspalomas you can find many gay-discos and hotels. But don't think there are only homosexual touirists.

Trip Gran Canaria
Trip through the landscapes of Gran Canaria


Trips & Excursions on Gran Canaria

The island of Gran Canaria is not too big, so you can rent a car and drive the hole island in one day.

Rent a bike and make a trip on your own or cruise leaded by one of the locals through the villages around. Nearly everything is possible there and people are very friendly and helpful.

In the South of the island is the tourist city Maspalomas. It is always worth a visit to the dunes here. They are so big that you might think you stand in a desert.


Hiking, Nature, beautiful landscapes

Here are some facts about the island. Gran Canaria is one of the bigger canarian islands, which are left to the African Continent in the Atlantic Ocean.

Gran Canaria's landscape varies from desert, like dunes, over pinewoods to ~2000m high mountains in the centre of the island. The big variety of landscapes available on this relatively small island invites visitors to go hiking or even to discover by backpacking.

The southwest and west is dominated by rocky cliffs, the coast is very varied in the north and northeast with numerous beaches and little bays. The centre of the island is hilly with a couple of high peaks and many ravines which lead to the sea.

The nature of the island is worth a visit. Here you can experience the amazing flora and fauna of Gran Canaria, which results of its lush vegetation.

You should also take a trip to the highest mountain of Gran Canaria, the "Roque Nublo" in the centre of the island.

Roque Nublo
Walk to Roque Nublo

Also worth visiting is the Caldera de Bandama, a part of Tafira reserve. From here you have got unforgettable views over the beautiful nature of this island.


Events on Gran Canaria

All the Canary Islands, also Gran Canaria are known because of numerous events and celebrations. Each commune has its own patron saint celebration and other special events. And that's why all over the year there are celbrated several fiestas fro several reasons in several places.

Gran Canaria has become a cosmopolitan island where all over the year numerous cultural events take place everywhere on the island. Many events of music, dance, theatre and cinema or different festivals and many carnival shows and religios events are taking place in Gran Canaria.

Due to the consciousness of tradition of the Canary Islands the origins of some of these events, or so called fiestas, lead back even to the time of the aborigines. Most of the religios celebrations are in honor of a certain protection saint, givings thanks and heralding the end of the harvest time.

Gran Canaria is a cosmopolitan isle with wonderful tradition!


Culture & Tradition on Gran Canaria

Water, Cliffs, Sea... Gran CanariaIf you come to visit the isle of Gran Canaria you should taste something from the canary cuisine, which offers you a big variety on dishes and hot spicy sauces. One of these specialities are for example "papas arrugadas" (wrinkle potatoes with salt crust) and the hot spicy sauce called "mojo".

If you visit Gran Canaria, you must absolutely go to see the pedlar market in Vega de San Mateo on Sundays.

It's really worth visiting markets on Gran Canaria with their typical atmosphere and their valuable products and traditional specialities.


Cheap Holidays on Gran Canaria

If you would like to have cheap holidays, its the best to book a small apartment without breakfast or any meals. You can spend a self catering holiday here, because there are many abilities to get cheap food. Everywhere on the isle beside the big tourist centres, but also at some supermarkets in San Fernando (Maspalomas), located in the north of Playa del Inglés, where many young people spend their holiday. The best place is "Mercadona".


So if you feel well on Gran Canaria and you think about staying, you have the possibility to acquire a property on this wonderful piece of earth.