Isle of Gran Canaria

Flights to Gran Canaria

Canary Islands Flights

There are many possibilities to travel to the Canary Islands and to Gran Canaria.

Scheduled flights to Gran Canaria are offered by numerous airlines, even when you book a holiday package, it is very usual that the flight included in it is also a scheduled flight.
Charter flights to Gran Canaria are also worth to mention.

Cheap flights to the Canary Islands are momentarily a hit. Every year there are new flight offers from the flight companies like Condor, Air Berlin, Happag-Fly, Thomas Cook, British Airways and recently Ryan Air are in process of joining this group.

Airplane Gran Canaria

Spanish airlines offer flights within the canaries , flights to the spanish peninsula and international flights. As a canarian resident you’re able to get these flights way under the normal price, this is also valid for things like ferry tickets and many others.

Many airlines offer favourable flights to Gran Canaria. Arrived there you can quite independently travel into your holiday domicile and into the most beautiful corners of Gran Canaria with a rental car.


Gran Canaria Airport

The Airport of Gran Canaria ist the fifth largest spanish airport and the largest airport of the Canary Islands. Allowing over 50 landings and take-offs per hour, the important airport handled over 10 million passengers and over 35000 tonnes of cargo each year.

The airport is located to the east of the island on the Bahí­a de Gando and about 18 kilometers from the capital of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.