Isle of Gran Canaria

Fincas, Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria, Finca

Fincas, country houses on Gran Canaria

Fincas, in englisch country houses, on Gran Canaria – a place full of harmony

An excursion to The hinterland of The Canary Islands reveal their true character. Whether nice smelling pinewoods, wonderful sloshed country capes, magnificent volcano scenes or the deep blue ocean.

If you decide for  the typical canarian country houses called finca for your holiday, you get to know the Canary life in the scenically most beautiful areas.

The fincas, casas and country hotels are fitted out lovingly with local furniture and have the necessary comfort anyway. The 7 sun islands of the Canary Islands are appropriate for a holiday in a hotel in the touristic areas and as well for a stay in a country house away from all the huste and bustle.

In only 4-5 flying hours from Central Europe the Islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean are reachable.

Sun, pleasantly fresh ocean air, water temperature roud about 20°C and temperatures between20°C and 25 °C.

The traditional canarian kitchen is very healthy and interessting for all who want to taste something new.
No other tourist destination in Europe can offer more than The Canary Islands. Something is there to find for every holiday maker on The 7 Canary islands, like Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, La Palma, La Gomera, El Hierro and Tenerife.

On Gran Canaria you can hike and explore the impressionating landscape and the sand dunes while zou can ride a bike or ride the waves on Lanzarote. As you see, every island has it`s owns attractions.

 Enjoy your holiday on the Canary Islands. Pleasant and demanding, that`s what the Islands are for every holiday maker, who is looking for sunshine, wonderfull beaches and lot´s of activities.

Golden dunes and excesses of the mass tourism can be found in many catalogues. Bizarre rock landscapes, lonely mountain villages and adventurous ravines in the islands centre honour Gran Canaria. For it´s attractive offers and possibilities to spent a good holiday, more and more tourists are visiting the island and more and more visitors try to by their own property.