Isle of Gran Canaria

Artenara, Gran Canaria

We find Artenara on the westside of Gran Canaria, next to Agaete heading south

artenara map This municipality is surrounded by the big forrests of "Tamadaba" and "Tirma", wich are very good preserved, mainly because of its inaccessibility. We can also see here the massive rock formations of "Tamadaba" and "Altavista". Geologicaly speaking, you can find in Artenara the oldest matelrials.

Something outstanding is that we can find here many houses built into caves.

The hermitage of "la Virgen de la Cuevita" is one of the places visited by many "canarios" on religious festivities in august, and for that a place worth to visit too. On the sourroundings of Artenara there are still ancestral traditions kept, just like loom weaving or the elaboration of handmade ceramics.

The best sightseeing in Artenara is almost the entire municipality, as the natural park of Tamadaba extends to almost every corner of it, with its great flora and landscapes.