Isle of Gran Canaria

Drinkable tap water…

The tap water in the city of Las Palmas,

is known to be very bad tasting. Though the sanitary quality of the water is acceptable already, enough to be drunk, the taste is not as good to be comparable with bottled water. This is about to change.

José Luí­s Talavera, the production director of ‘Emalsa’, Las Palmas‘ water company, stated that they’re testing a new system at the ‘Las Palmas III‘ desalination plant which will be working in a matter of more or less a month. This new system will treat the water to achieve a better taste of it, for now its rather disgusting than tasteful.

Well, that is good news. Its only thought to be done in Las Palmas at first, for its very expensive to be done anywhere else. Either way, great news, one step more towards future.

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  1. publico afectado Says:
    May 15th, 2009 at 8:10 pm

    And the dreadfull fact is that we all know by this time the water company had analitical results of high boron levels in the water they supply.

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