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Worse than immigration

Friday, September 7th, 2007

If the immigration for itself,

wasn’t hard enough, as people give up all their savings for just an opportunity to make it alive to a 1st world country, to try for a better life, risking their lives and normaly resulting in an almost certain repatriation, things like this unluckily happen more often every time.

The tragedy happened yesterday at daybreak when a ‘patera‘, those small, unstable boats, subsaharian immigrants use to get here from Africa, arrived at the … Read the rest

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Immigration continues

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

I read in a newspaper article this morning,

that the ‘central government’ (those ‘fellas’ sitting in Madrid) “is prepared for the massive arrival of irregular immigrants“. I’m not an expert but I think I’ll allow myself a little bit of a constructive critic

What the hell does this supposed to mean??
They are prepared to do all the “hard paperwork” ???
They have every thought organized and know what form to grab for and where to sign … Read the rest

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