Arucas, Gran Canaria

Arucas is separated from the capital by the ravine of "Tenoya"

After Las Palmas, it is the most populated municipality of the northern part of the island. While visiting Arucas we can see large terrain extensions used to cultivate bananas, which is part of the agricultutal past of Arucas. It is also a town of stone craftsmen, who's work can be admired while going through the streets of the older part of the town, but primarily by visiting the church of "San Juan Bautista".

The "Montaña de Arucas" is an observation point on the mountain of Arucas and one of the most beautiful places to visit in this town. From there you have views from the "Isleta" in Las Palmas to the "Montaña de Galdar", the mountain in which the town of Galdar is built on. From there you can also see the top of the island.